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History of São Roque

The history of São Roque comes of middle of 1657, more necessarily of its foundation in August, 16 of 1657 for noble São Paulo captain Pedro Vaz de Barros, also known as " Vaz Guaçu - the Great one ". The name São Roque originates from the devotion of its founder for this saint. Pedro Vaz established itself with its family and about 1200 aboriginals around the brooks Carambeí and Acaí. He thus started to cultivate the wheat and the grape. Later, Italian and Portuguese immigrants had transformed the city into the Land of the wine.


Mount of the Cruise

Rocky rise next to the center of the city. Visited for pilgrims and tourist. In the peak of the mount there is a cross and the picture of São Roque, Saint of the city. R. João Theodoro, next the Railroad station.

Mount of Saboó

It's the most known geographic accident of the region. To reach the top of its 1.000 m of height is a challenge for climbing and a conquest for the echoturists.
Road of the Saboó, km 10.


Santo Antônio Farm

Capela Santo Antonio
Formed for Great House and the Chapel. the joint architectural of the Santo Antônio Farm, is a historical patrimony - the most important of São Roque. Constructed in 1681 by Fernão Paes de Barros, they are constructions that retrace the oldest last colonial of the south of the country. They already belonged to the writer Mário de Andrade. Road of Santo Antonio, about 8 km from the center.

Plaza of the Mendes


Place of Leisure, with skate slot and play-ground. In the week ends it happens cultural and esportivos events, for all ages.




             Matriz Church

It revels modern architectural, being distinguished paintings in the ceiling and the walls (Gentilli brothers), considered true workmanships of art, as well as its vitrais in mosaic style. Square of Matriz - Tel.: 4712-2377.

São Benedito Church

Constructed by slaves in 1855, it presents a typical coarse style of the time to the base of taipa of pylon. 
R. XV de Novembro, 136 - Tel.: 4712 - 2438.





Cultural Center Brasital


Constructed in 1890 by the comendador Enrico Dell'Acqua, it was one of the first textile industries of São Paulo State. It's 10.000 m2 of constructed area, encircled for 10 alqueires of green where you can take a walk for an ecological track of 1,100 m, cut for the Aracaí brook, with waterfall. Av. Aracaí, 250-Tel.: 4712-2500 r. 2136.


Ski Mountain Park

At 1.000 m of altitude you can find the biggest center of mountain leisure of Brazil. It's about 320.000 M2 of nature and pure air for all the family. The park counts on Ski Track, Ferry cable, Tobogã, Playground, Mountain Bike, Meat Place, House of Tea, Tavern, Cellars, Snack bar among others attractions.
Road of Serrinha. Tel.: 4712-3299.


Script of The Cellars


São Roque keeps the tradition of " The Land of Wine " since the coming of Italian and Portuguese immigrants in the end of the last century. It Possesss many cellars next to the urban zone, where you can taste and bought the most varied types of wines and liquors.



Hidding Place of The Cascade

It contains a pretty natural garden of flowers, beyond beautiful cascade formed for waters of the brook Carambeí. Propitious place for strolls, walked and accomplishment of events, amongst which, most important that it is the Expofloral. Raposo Tavares highway, km 60,5.




Traditional Parties Calendar

August Party

The Parties of August had its origins tied with the foundation of the city. Its founder Pedro Vaz, worshipper of São Roque, homaged the saint in its August, 16. Since then, they had been gaining importance inside of the community. From the end of the passed century, with the beginning of the " Parade of the Carriages of Firewood " (where local producers had offered great amount of firewood to gotten enough money for the acquisition of a new picture of the saint) it is that they had taken its current form, or either, all the community involved in the acquisition of money that come to benefit its more devoid population, and to conserve the church and the picture of the saint.

First Sunday of August - Official aperture with the traditional entered of the Carriages of Firewood. Beginning of the Quaresma and the Shows that occur until day 16, in the central region of the city;

Second Sunday of August - Auction in the square of the Array;

August, 15 - Dawn, Procession of Nossa Senhora, Traditional Anniversary Dance;

August, 16 - Anniversary of the City - Dawn, Street Carpets Confection(for stretches where it will pass the procession), Closing with the São Roque Procession and Fireworks.



Annual display of Flowers, Artichokes and Wines, during October month in the Hidding place of the Cascade, place of privileged natural beauty. Typical Musical Shows, Dances and Tipical Foods complement the attractions of that who, each year, becomes the moust important tourist event of the region.



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